Coachella Collage

1. Issa de’ mar Biarritz Evening Dress 

2. Sun Bum Sunscreen

3. Issa de’ mar San Sebastian One Piece in Cafe

4. Quay Australia My Girl sunglasses

5. Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20

6. EOS Lip Balm with SPF 15

7. Issa de’ mar Harper Top in Black Mesh

8. Issa de’ mar Byron Walk Shorts in Ocean

9. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

Festival season is approaching so we have put together a few of our favorite Issa de’ mar customer looks for some outfit inspo! Shop the looks online now or in-store with your nearest IDM stockist

Our classic Poema Top in black on @goldfishkiss paired with a flowy kimono and metallic tattoos


The Hina top pictured on  @goodbadandfab can be worn as a layering bralette or a top!


The Morocco top is a festival favorite and is on sale now!







The Sola top on @palomamariella – now available in our new 2016 colors


We know it’s not always easy to get your daily eight glasses of H20. Infused water puts a healthy twist on water and adds extra nutrients as well! We’ve put together a few recipes to try to make drinking water a little less boring Xo, Issa de’ mar

1. Pineapple Rosemary Water

Pineapple Rosemary

2. Mint Orange Water

Orange Mint

3. Blueberry Lavender Water

Blueberry Lavender

4. Blackberry Mint Water

Blackberry Mint

5. Kiwi Cucumber Agua Fresca

Kiwi Cucumber

We were recently selected to be a part of local jewelry designer A.wattz recent lookbook. we loved the photos so much we thought we’d share! A.wattz is locally designed & handmade in Hawaii and in our opinion a perfect accessory to layer over your Issa de’ mar :)! You can check her new designs out at

Suits featured;

The Kaili Top in black & mesh

The Leila Top & Bottom in Ocean Print

The Poema Bottom in black


Model @star_looker
Photography @Brooklynhawaii
Makeup @jasminemullins_mua
Styled @mattbruening

Ok ok so we’re coming to an end of month 2 for 2016, how’s everyone doing with their New years resolutions & clean eating plans? Yeah …we thought so if you’re anything like us well; it was Sarah’s birthday, and then you had that Bachelorette weekend, and have you tried the garlic fries at…yeah we hear you. So here’s a few easy recipes we found that can be a little pick me up, we hope you enjoy them & can have a little encouragement, we’re right there with you!

IDM’S Favorite Clean Eating Recipe’s


Protein Smoothie


Arugula and Quinoa Salad


Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Banana Ice Cream

Healthy Banana Ice Cream