Journal - May 2014

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J LO’s full music video featuring the San Sebastian one piece! Words can not explain our excitement as J LO is not only one of the best artist of our time but a style icon and named the most beautiful woman in the World! We love you J Lo so glad you choose to wear Issa de’ mar in your First Love Music Video you look amazinnnngggggg!!!!

<3, Melissa & Marissa

Escape to Bali …Pt. 2 was a special project. We are mostly behind the scenes designing and making sure the boat runs smoothly but when it comes to photo shoots we usually take on the roll of directing and rarely are the ones actually shooting it. In this case an opportunity presented itself when we happened to be in Bali at the same time as the Beautiful Hannah Perera who was first brought to our attention via the talented Stella Crick.  We realized that with such a coincidence of us being in Bali at the exact same time a photo shoot was definitely necessary. We met up with Hannah who is just as beautiful inside as she is out and an impromptu photo shoot began! I can definitely say this little lady made my job pretty easy, but I was elated with the photos that came out of the shoot, and think it grabs the essence of Villa Pool lounging! A daily task in the Bali life … somebody’s gotta do it! We hope you can Escape to Bali with us for a little and enjoy the Suite Life!  Suits Featured: Biarritz Top White, Laguna Bottom White, Sao Paulo One piece Fuchsia, Sorrento strapless top White, Skirt Salt Liko

Photos Melissa Jasniy

Xx  Melissa

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