Journal - April 2014

Lucky we live Hawaii. Hawaii is always a good idea.

It’s apparent in todays social media that Hawaii is a special place. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I am so thankful I get to call this place home. For many its just a dream to vacation in Hawaii. It’s not just the beautiful landscape that makes Hawaii so special but the culture & people. From the Hawaiian & Polynesian culture to the surfing culture, it makes Hawaii so diverse and special. We really are Lucky to live Hawaii. 

I would LOVEEE to flash back to the 50’s in Hawaii, from the retro boards to the classic cars & of course the style.  Something about seeing old surf films and photos send me day dreaming of life back in Old Hawaii. When life had no worries besides the present. With no cell phones or internet, I’d like to imagine life was about really enjoying the present moment. Because old Hawaii has always appealed to me, I was so excited to do an ESCAPE campaign shoot inspired by Vintage Hawai’i.

The models are Mahina Alexander & Austin Kino (and his beautiful truck), both native Hawaiians & photographer Brooke Dombroski. Makeup artist Cassandra Rull. Floral Head piece by Makane at Ocean Dreamer.With this dream team and the natural backdrop we were able to recreate Old Hawai’i. We hope you can ESCAPE to old Hawaii and don’t blame me if you start finding yourself day dreaming of Hawaii.

Aloha from Paradise- Marissa

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In Honor of the Blood Moon this week I thought it was appropriate to post our ESCAPE to the Moon & Back editorial. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been fascinated with the Moon and the nights sky; the craters on it, the way it looks, the history, what it’s made of, even the conspiracy of whether or not we actually landed on it in 1969. I’m obsessed maybe in a weird way with the unknown and I might have been raised watching a little too much Star Wars with the Pops haha. But when we came up with the idea of our Escape campaign I for some reason couldn’t get the iconic image of the first photo of Neil Armstrong standing on the moon next to an American flag out of head. I was set from that point onwards that I needed to re-create this in a shoot. So with the best extra-terrestrial model I could find, Sanna Meyers, she really is out of this world, and an American flag we set out on a hunt for location. I can’t tell you exactly where we shot this…otherwise I’d have to kill you…the moon perhaps :), but regardless we had fun shooting and I hope you can Escape to somewhere out of this world while viewing! Enjoy, may the force be with you!

Photos Melissa Jasniy

Xx Melissa

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ESCAPE …to Australia is so far one of my favorite Escape destinations, awhile back I used to live down under on the Gold Coast of Australia and it was some of the best memories I have. The water’s warm & clear, the people are nice, and the waves are fun :). So when we were given the chance to work with Australian born & bred Photographer Stella Crick we jumped on the opportunity.  At the ripe age of 19 her talent is beyond her years and future is looking very bright! She specializes in underwater photography and it is apparent that the ocean is definitely her second home…or possibly her first. Either way her photography has the ability to transport you to a far away beach and will leave you day dreaming about sun-kissed skin and salty water. She shot on model Hannah Perera who we got the chance to meet and work with in Bali (more photo shoots coming soon) who is beautiful inside and out, we couldn’t of asked for a better team! Follow both of their instagrams for inspo & bookings @stellacrick @hannah_perera ! And Escape down under with us for a mid day daydream!

Xx Melissa