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This week we ESCAPE to Bali. As mentioned in the first post, every couple of weeks we will ESCAPE to our favorite travel destinations or ones still on our “to do” list. The inspiration of our SS2014 campaign was our favorite destinations as well as our “to do” places.

Bali is unique and many hold it close to there hearts, I know it holds a special place in my heart. Whether it’s the freedom to wake up and head to the peaceful rice fields of Ubud and immense yourself in the tranquility of the town or rush to the hustle and bustle of the main area Kuta to find unique trinkets & gifts. You can then take a breather from the bartering and head to the design filled streets of Seminyak. Where they offer some of the best shopping and design inspo, it’s overflowing from every aspect from the window displays to the decor in the local coffee shops. One could not go to Bali and not be inspired.

The Issa girl in this campaign, finds herself in iconic Bali destinations- the rice fields & beachside in Canggu. Sit back and escape  with us to Bali. Take your bikini from poolside tanning to lunch by the beach, pairing the Sao Paulo one piece with a pair of Roam pants. Featured swim on Lena are the San Sebastian in Morrocan Print, Sao Paulo in White, Biarritz top in Aqua, & Hina bottom in Aqua.

Photos are by Alicia Desa (www.aliciadesaphotography.com) // Model Lena Lorens  // Featured: select clothing pieces from Roam Hawai’i



Marissa Eveland