Journal - June 2013

Bora Bora…a place you only dream of, but if you are given the chance to fly, swim, take a boat, or ride a coconut raft to this magical island I strongly suggest that you go! We were lucky enough to visit Bora Bora about a year ago with some of our dearest friends when we were traveling throughout French Polynesia. We were staying at our friend Poema’s organic farm on Raiatea which was a dream in itself. But after a long day of kayaking, surfing her favorite left, and eating fresh coconut & bananas until we couldn’t anymore we wound up at a friend of Poema’s, Fabi’s house. Fabi had invited us over for an evening swim in their beautifully designed pool & Balinese villa and Fabi is pretty much the definition of regal. When we were washing off our salty skin in the pool, Poema & Fabi were enjoying mango juice and having a conversation in French, there were several glances at us, the words Bora bora and a phone call. Fabi had gotten wind that we were dying to visit the island but didn’t know if it would be feasible this time around. In a matter of 10 minutes, Fabi had phoned her friend, told us that we would be staying with him on Bora Bora and taking the next boat out the following morning. We were elated to say the least! So it was myself, Marissa, our good friend Brooke & Paula who was a Spanish beauty from the Canary Islands that was staying with Poema as well. We packed our bags and off we went, I could try and describe the pure untouched beauty of Bora bora but words simply can not explain so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. We have a great adoration for this mystical island and the beautiful people that inhabit it, and we are forever grateful to Poema, Fabi & Michael for hosting us and treating us as their own!


Photos: Brooklynhawaii & Us



Pre-show set up

Pre-show set up

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Spent the next day under the sun for Memorial Day

Spent the next day under the sun for Memorial Day

Gorgeous sunset to finish off Fashion Show Weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped make the night amazing!

Gorgeous sunset to finish off Fashion Show Weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped make the night amazing!

On Friday May 26, we got to showcase our new Tahitian Sunrise collection as well as debut our  new Summer 2013 cover-ups at Wild Life presented by M Nightclub & Local Motion. We wanted to create a boho-chic, resort-ready vibe so we styled the looks with bright headscarves & jewelry. The ladies of Haus of Beaute`s did beachy-wavy hair paired with a neutral eye & bronzed cheek.

It was a whirlwind of a week, as Melissa landed from LA and we got straight to work with a shoot for Lei Chic of the new coverups. We headed back to the north shore and started working on details for the show- with a few beach work breaks of course. Two days later and it was Sunday- finalizing last minute details for the show then we were headed to M Nightclub. Despite a little blessing rain fall before the show- everything turned out so well! It was a midnight show so thank you to everyone who came out and attended- for those who couldn’t please take a look at the photos. The following day was spent recuperating under the sun surfing Waikiki & finishing off with a spectacular sunset with great friends.

Huge Mahalo to M Nightclub & Local Motion

Photos of the Evening: Elliot Takane + Mark Ramelb + Honolulu Pulse

Tahitian Sunrise Campaign Photographer: Brooklyn Hawaii

Tahitian Sunrise Video Editor: Makai Creative