Journal - March 2013

PRISM+SoL is a beautiful new jewelry line from Maui, designed by Linda Whigham. It was created by -“Drawing from the ocean, the jungle, and our adventures on the road, we have created a versatile collection – appealing to beach+babes, gypsies, and free spirits alike.” And they definitely got us! We are most obsessed with the long dainty necklaces made of silver & gold ordained with gemstones and crystals. I would wear the Apache+Dream necklace until the day I dropped dead! It is definitely a line worth checking out and you can see their new collection here!
xx Mel


As half of Issa de’ mar I grew up in Southern California until I was 17 before moving to Oahu. Although Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Laguna is definitely in the top ten. We recently got the chance to venture back to Laguna with our good friends Tara of Ladyslider and Brooke of Brooklynhawaii and found ourselves doing what we do best …impromptu photoshoots. In between the great food, Venice adventures, and quick trip to Mexico, yup you read that right…more of that to come, we got the chance to shoot with the Beautiful Leila Thomas, aside from being Miss World Reef, and many other things, she really is a beautiful human being inside and out. So here’s a small taste of Tahitian Sunrise SS13 taken by the ever talented Brooke Dombroski! Enjoy

xx Mel


We were so lucky to kick off 2013 with some of our closest friends on an island that we hold near and dear to our hearts, Moorea. Moorea is a beautiful island off the main island of Tahiti, with crystal clear waters, lush green mountains, and majestic seas. Breathtaking would be an understatement to describe the beauty that Moorea holds. Tahiti is one of the most special places we have visited because of the experiences we’ve had and people we’ve met, because of this we bring you Spring/Summer 2013 Tahitian Sunrise. It wouldn’t be appropriate to name it anything else, hopefully through some of our travel photos you can get a small glimpse into the beauty that has inspired this line. We hope that you too get to experience a Tahitian Sunrise at least once in your life, it is something that words can not describe.

Photos by: Ladyslider, Brooklynhawaii, & Us


Meet Brooke; Photographer, Creative, Model extrodinaire. And we are lucky to call one of our closest friends. Aside from shooting our campaign for Tahitian Sunrise she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion photography. The girls got skills. Her portfolio speaks for itself and her ability to capture beauty is bar none. She has an eye that companies seek to work with and models envy to work for. She has launched the careers of many while continuing to provide the world with unprecedented and jawdropping images. When beauty, art, creativity, and aestheic align something in that brain of hers just clicks and voila! To see more of her photography or for inquiries check out her site below!

Photos by: Brooklynhawaii


If you aren’t familiar with Samudra bags you’re in for a treat. These travel tote/beach bag/fashion clutches have become quite the staple in our wardrobes as well as a necessity in the lives of any fashion savvy beach girl. They are the perfect mix of casual chic and can be paired with most any outfit. Our good friend Tara who is the mastermind behind the blog Ladyslider recently got the opportunity to collab with Samudra and create a few of her own clutches from photos she’s taken on her recent travels.If you haven’t checked out her blog Ladyslider be prepared to click only if your ready to take on a complete and total new obsession. Her mix of fashion, travel & surf flow seamlessly, and her effortlessly chic deameanor is something we’re still trying to master!  Her clutches are some of our favorites and available now on her blog, if you haven’t seen them yet take a look! The perfect bag to launch you into Spring & Summer, enjoy!

Photos by: Ladyslider & Samudra